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The value of an assessment is determined by how good it is in predicting whether a candidate fits your unique organization. Our smart software increases the average quality of new employees in 4 different ways.

Ideal profile


Together with our experts, determine the ideal profiles and company culture for your organization to compare the assessment results of applicants.

Interview questions

The best interview questions are generated based on the input from the organization and the assessment result of the candidate.

Predict quality of hire


Our software predicts the quality of hire per candidate and keeps track of how well an employee subsequently performs. With this input, the prediction becomes increasingly accurate.


The Selection Lab uses scientifically validated assessments to guarantee quality.

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Time saving.

The regular recruitment and selection process is extremely time-consuming. With the smart functionalities of The Selection Lab, the HR department saves on average 31% in time per applicant.

Fit score for each candidate

The Selection Lab's smart software automatically calculates to what extent each candidate fits a certain job discription within your unique organization.

Invite in seconds

Inviting a candidate to do an assessment can be done in a few seconds. Just like seeing the results.

Fewer interviews per candidate


Due to the high predictive power of the assessment of The Selection Lab, fewer interviews are needed to reach a well-founded decision.




Assessments from The Selection Lab can be understood by everyone in the organization. Even without training or a degree in psychology. This way we ensure that everyone speaks the same language.

Visual assessment report

The result of the assessment is visualized in an infographic. The texts can be understood by anyone even without knowlegde of technical jargon.

Easy to integrate


The assessment software from The Selection Lab can easily be integrated into ATS and other HR software programs.

From smartphone to desktop


The results and assessments can be easily viewed from various devices. From smartphone to desktop.


High service.

We believe in long-term partnerships and therefore provide high quality service. Our customers notice this and give us an average of 8.9 for service. And we intent to keep it that way.

Personal point of contact

As a customer of The Selection Lab you always have a personal point of contact who knows what he or she is talking about.

Replies within 2 uur


In more than 90% of the cases you will receive a substantive answer to your question within 2 hours.


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